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I am an artist; my body of work:
drawing, painting, sculpture;
most show the influence of journeys into the
sahara desert and the exploration of words in art.
A line drawn by the horizon,
contrasts of light and shade,
rough texture on smooth,
sophistication and primitive simplicity,
entwine in the materials I use:
bronze, wood, paint dried in the open air
on paper or canvas or an ephemeral trace
photographed somewhere along my path.
Language and writing have always played
an important part in my artistic work.
Be it sculpture or painting.
In the new cycle of work letters are right in
the centre of attention. In fact writing is the only
subject matter. Words that have a body language
beyond the actual meaning; they are neither
abstract, nor figurative, neither just thoughts
nor ideas - they simply are:
manifesting their existence, their presence.
Because they say Yes to life.